Should I break up with him?

Well I was talking to this guy long distance for a year! We finally met he was shy didn't say anything just smiled and looked at the ground. I really liked him everything I wanted on the phone and more! I finally said yes to him. Now everything changed. Hardly texts me went from 1000 messages to like 60.. Used to get good morning and good night texts random I love you' and kisses. I don't get any of that now. We don't live far apart about 45. Mins but no way to hang out right now. I told him he's changed and he blames it on stress. But he will go to bed at like 9 and not wake up till 4-5 pm. Never used to be like that.. Used to tell each other everything and be playful he was a dream come true and I was dying to be beside him. Now that I'm his this is happening. I'm supposed to have my car back in the summer and see him. (Hung out for 10 mins once) What would you do? I love him so much but I felt I was the only one putting effort and shot down. Why is he being like this? Ideas suggestions?


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  • Aw that sucks. I wouldn't put up with anything. He doesn't seem like he cares now. If I were you, I would be done and not put up with any excuses. It sounds like he's making stuff up to try to make you feel better when really he doesn't show he cares or anything.


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