How can I forget my ex?

my ex wants to remain friends last week we went out he was so nice to me and he took me to his house we watched a movie but he tried to hug me and kiss me so i stopped him and i told him we are just friends then i got mad and i told him to take me home i was so sad i realized i still have feelings for him when i got home he wanted me to kiss him and i Did it but i felt bad at the end cuz i think he doesn't want to get back with me he didn't say anything about us


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  • He's using you, stop seeing him, because he clearly doesn't respect you enough not to take advantage of your feelings for him.


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  • Mmm that's a tough one I know what u mean... Try to ignore him for a week ( and distract ur thought from him) and flirt with as many guys as u like do anything that u enjoy doing like a hobby or something. Make the focas U then see what happens worked for me :) good luck


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