What does my ex mean by this?

When we first broke up my ex wanted to remain friends rlly bad and texted everyday but I just couldn't cuz I found out how he hooked up with someone a couple days after we broke up so I was hurt. Months have gone by and I decided I would be able to handle it now. My friend asked him if he would still be interested in being friends. He said ya I wish things were better but I dnt think I can help. Does he mean he actually doesn't want to but is being nice or tht he still likes me to much and would hurt talking?


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  • I assume he very well wishes to be friends with you, however, since, initially, you were hurt of his post-breakup actions and thus unreceptive to a friendship with him, he still assumes you aren't open to the idea of being friends.


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  • Being a Month of Mondays 'Have gone by' now here, dear, with him in the beginning of your break up beguine 'Wanted to remain friends,' a lot may have happened where his heart is more settled now and he is contented to just leave things as they are, not wanting to stir up a hornet's nest of Any and with 'Ya, I wish things were better but I dnt think I can help,' he was just putting his own 'Handle' on things by Leaving well enough alone.
    Yes, in his own 'Nice' way, he doesn't want to disrupt what he has started in his own honey life. He has moved on, likes everything just as it is, with you no longer his Queen Bee.
    Move on, you deserve better.
    Good luck and blessings for 2015. xx


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