Did I get played?

So my x and I broke up like a month or so ago, and there was this guy who was really nice to me... We started dating about 10 days ago and we hung out a few days ago and I gave him a bj afterwards he stopped talking to me and last night he said that he wasn't ready for a relationship, today he told me he needed some space and when I got home I went on Facebook and he blocked me... Also does this make me sound like a slut?


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  • Not really guys like that aren't even worth the effort. A cutie like you deserves somebody better but next time when you blow somebody make sure its the right person because some guys act nice to get what they want. (Sex) so be careful and read between the lines.


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  • Same thing pretty much happened to me. Got into a relationship with a guy, did something sexual I shouldn't have 2 days into it, and then he broke up with me after a week total because "he's not ready for a relationship". So I'm interested in the answers on this too.


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  • Your thirsty to find love so you meet the guy , you figure giving him oral sex
    will keep him around well bullshit he won't stay, he is going get the next girl
    she may or may not fall for his manipulation you got lot to learn about guys.


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