A breakup with no Reason ?

My boyfriend of 7 years broke up with me for no reason he actually refused to say the Main reason (its not cheating nor anything like his parents or mine,,,) its been 3 month now and i tried to reached after him in the first and a half month and he responded after that in like 1 week.. he wanted us to remain friends and i refused.. so i decided to take a break for my self and not to contact him for 30 days. And now its my 33rd day and he has not reached for me yet.(a day before i started my no contact with him i asked him to give me back a necklace that my mom gave it to me when i was little he said he will return it the next day and he never did it still with him )... i dnt know if he is being stubborn or he does not want to do anything with me but i am absolutely sure he loves me ! 7 years !! what do you think i should do?
another thing , he have a lot of new frnds ! each day i see new followers on his instagram and fb and he posts new pix each week of him having fun with the guys (no girlfriend) i posted a picture last week of me wearing a dress on insta he does not like me to post such things he immidiatly blocked me...
dont tell me to give up because he was a great guy the perfect one for me but we had our ups and down
i need your opinion on this one what should i do? did he foeget about me
is he trying to move on?\
or is he hiding is feelings by going out and having new frnds?


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  • Any girl was too jealous from you?

    • well , when he left me he started going out with a group of mutual friends their was this girl she was the fiance of his friend yes i felt like she was too jealous of me. she tried to play on both of us. the first month he was going alottt with this group and she used to ask me if i dont mind and if that hurts me if he is going out with her and friends i said no at first but deep down yes it burns. so i realised that everything i say to her she tells him. and thats where i played it smart one day and toldd her iam going out with friends to a party (actually i was home :p) and the same day he started calling me 7 8 times i did not reply at all. that were i knew she was not that loyal to me so i blocked her out of my life. so when i did not reply to his calls he posted a picture of him and her and some friends on fb ! to make me jealous (thats stupid ) . a week after that our mutual friends started saying that he left me for her but iam so sure he did not for manyyyyyyy reasons one of

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    • I think he will not comeback soon until he's in emotional trouble he will think about you

      Maybe He think he missed many things when he was in 18 and now he doing it people change. But that girl was the spark I think

      You have 3 choise move on- try to bring him back- wait him forever:) up to you

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  • Honestly it sounds like he does not want to be with because if he did he would have contacted you but he didn't. I know you don't want to hear this but you do need to move on because you are hurting yourself more by holding on to hope that he will contact you. Try to move on and if he ever contacts you then that's great but if he doesn't then that shows you that he doesn't care anymore and has moved on. You are holding yourself back from possibly meeting an awesome man out there. Trust me I know what you are going through because my boyfriend broke up with me not too long ago and it hurts but I have move on and I wish he would contact me but I don't expect it because expectations hurt so don't expect nothing K

  • I think you should move on. I think the reason is one of the following:

    a) He wanted to try being single for a while.

    b) He realized he could never commit to you.

    c) Wanted to see his options.

    d) He just got tired of it.


    e) one or both of you changed.

    Keep in mind you change a lot from 14-21 and some of your best dating years is in your early/mid 20s. Honestly if he hasn't suggested marriage after 7 years I am not surprised it ended. Because he was at the point if he stayed chances are you are pretty much going to get married in the near future with each other. Also I don't blame him because your world when your 14 and when your 21 is totally different.

    • well let me explain more , when i followed him to fix things he refused to talk to me and started acting that he does not care. when he saw me moving on he started following me :s he spoke to me for 7 days 24/24 each hour of the day (last month ) and he mentioned something about the Routine but still refused to explain to me everything and i dont know y a guy can not tell his girl the options that u gave me... after the 7 days we got into another fight and he started acting weird again so we stoped talking. by the way he is 23 years old and he introduced me to his family a week before we got into a stupid fight and left (+ he did not say i don't want us anymore ) he just said if its meant to be it will be
      and yes he wanted to take an official step this summer

    • Just give him some space he seems to need to spread his wings so to speak for a bit.

      He obviously doesn't want to lose you but at the same time he is probably not sure if marriage is the right thing for him. If you were to push for answers it would probably make things worse.

      Right now he is probably trying to process the idea of you and him getting married and is concerned about losing his freedom if he did. So you pursuing him will only make him think he would lose his freedom. Just make sure he is aware you are not trying to break up with him and tell him if he wants to talk/hang out that you guys can when he wants to.

  • Obviously he's not that great and you're not that prefect if he dumped you. Find someone better!

    • even if he dumped me i still say that he is the greatest guy i have ever known. if he was not i would have dumped him long time ago or even i moved on...
      and i was the perfect girl for him thats y iam confused y he acted so

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