How to Re-gain my ex girlfriends respect back so that she'll eventually unblock me when she's ready to talk & maybe get back together?

So, it was my girls decision to break-up w/ me through a Fkn text, I'm pretty sure that I sent her "way to many texts" BEC she confused the hell outta me. So, I can almost Guarantee you that she got annoyed by how many texts that I sent, to which I didn't mean to. So, what would be the best soloution to get her ta forget about that? Silence for how many days/not paying attention to her, untill or even if she says anything to me, so forth?

And for all you girls out there, has a guy that you've been w/ before (for at least over a year) done this to where u got pissed at him bec of to many texts, but you've gotten over it ( bec you know that you wasn't bein clear on why, which is why I couldn't get an answer from you ) Not only that, but you still miss him, even tho it was your choice ( and you might wanna be w/ me again after realizing that you made a mistake)
Need feedback pretty girls!


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  • If the objective is to get back together... I suggest getting 1 nice rose and leave a note by her door that says "I respect your decision, thank you for the time we had together, I will leave you be." Then you actually leave her be, move on with your life. She will for sure contact you by 2 months of no contact from the date you tell her you are leaving her alone.


What Guys Said 1

  • May I know how many days you are waiting for this?

    • Since February 1st. I know that she did this BEC of a girl, who's just a friend, made her really mad, so she didn't really agree with some of my female friends.

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