Would you break up with someone you thought could do better than you?

If you were dating someone that you thought deserved more or could do better, would you break up with them? Even if you truly loved them? Just curious.


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  • I know what that insecurity feels like, and I've been honest about myself from the beginning of my relationship, not trying to oversell myself.

    If she thinks she can be happy with me, who am I to tell her no? I feel like she deserves a better man than me - and that, to me, has served as motivation to *become* that man.


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  • I dont think that would be a fair decision if ofcourse they happen to love me the same way...

    • Do you think you may feel insecure with someone you thought was better than you?

    • I dont think i'd feel insecure
      Because when she's comfortable with this thing I'm not bothered at all
      And I dont think anybody should worry about their partner being better
      No two people can be the same
      They're just different
      The other person might not have a better career or whatever your thinking about, but they might be lacking somewhere
      And Nobody's perfect remember?

  • I highly doubt it.. if I had reason to believe that they could do better than me.. it's because I know something that they don't. And if I know something about myself that they don't know.. it's just as possible that they know something about themselves that I don't know. And for all I know, what they know about themselves could be worse than what I know about myself. And if that's the case then I may think that they could do better than me.. they may be thinking the same thing. And for all we know, because of both of our reasons to think that.. it could just mean that we're perfect for one another.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think it is healthy to breakup with someone out of insecurity. It is not about what a person deserve, it is about what makes a person happy. A guy that is an adult can decide who he wants to be with that makes him happy. On the other hand, if he is clearly unhappy being with me, I would break up with him, out of love.

  • No. Im not stupid lol and I'm a little selfish. I know my bf can do better than me, but if I'm lucky enough to have him why would I give him away?

    "If you love them let them go" stupidest thing ever.


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