Is it worth to wait and try a third time with an ex?

So me and my boyfriend just broke up for the second time same reason... Just wants to be friends. Well I freaked out this time and broke up with him cause he was going to anyways but I really do care about him and love him. He thought I was more attached to him then I was in love. Granted he was my first first boyfriend and I know I don't have that much experience with men but I think I know my own heart. A year and six months is a long time to just throw down the drains because someone wants to be friends and not have a girlfriend. We were a long distance relationship and it was going to change this summer and I'm not sure if I should wait and if another guy comes along try with a new guy. Things had been going downhill for a couple months ignoring me and Anxious if I was going to break up with him. Then later he wanted me to stand up for myself and I shouldn't have to stand up for myself in a relationship. But I love him so much. I let him go though because I want him to be happy. Should I try again when summer comes around and actually see him or just completely move on? I would really appreciate help.


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  • Long distance is really hard... if you don't have the physical contact and it is completely emotional all the time... then the relationship has a lot to overcome.

    If it were me I think the second time would have been enough of an indicator to suggest that it should be over. A third time is just asking for it all over.

    Sorry, but that's just my opinion.

    • But the thing is come summer time It won't be long distance relationship anymore I'm moving closer to where he lives because of college. and that's why I was thinking until summer time maybe keep no contact and once I love near him if I don't have any one special and still feel the same an he doesn't have anyone I could try again. What do you think?

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    • I know he definitely cares about me. But if I still feel the same I will try

    • But the thing is we haven't been a long distance couple the entire relationship. Last we saw each other was November.

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  • You are only 18, you can afford to try again with the same person, but 3rd time should be the last. If you love him, and your heart tells you to, follow your heart.

    • But see I don't know what my heart is telling me because when I broke up with I didn't cry or anything and I thought I would. Maybe because I know he will come back.

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  • Breaking up sucks. Didn't read all your post as I'm in hurry but third time will be your last time.


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