Why does he not return my valuables, block me, and have his friends block me too, even though I don't make any contact?

I NEVER cheated on my ex-boyfriend (32 years old) nor was I emotional unfaithful to him in any way. For the 1.5 year we were together, I can count on one hand how many times he called me by my name and every month he gave me silence treatment for days. He stood me up then gave me silence treatment for a week for my birthday and had yet another week long of silence treatment on New Year of 2015. Every time I try to address his communication issue, he goes on silence treatment. I would stay home and cry for days and be so depressed that I couldn't get out of bed. He nearly never call me by my name, it was always hey and hi, not even pet names, he constantly give me silence treatment even when I asked him nicely to not do it, he doesn't open the door for me, he doesn't take me out on dates, he was not physically affectionate...

After a lot of thought and tears, I finally realized that he doesn't love me at all, so I was to let him go. All I said was "I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore, I am sorry." I really do love him, I cried for weeks, but I know I made the right decision for both of us, he makes me miserable, I just can't be with him knowing that he doesn't love me, not at all. Leaving him, I think, is the kindest gesture I am doing, so why is he still being so cruel to me...

Couple of days after the breakup, I left his stuff by the front door of his house and left the new year present I bought him too (a humidifier) and wrote him an email asking if he would just mail me my car key (new car 2014). Not only does he not mail me my car key, when I called him to followup, I found out his had his cell phone carrier restrict my phone number from dialing him, on top of that, fast forward to 2 months after the breakup, he has his guy friend block me on Facebook and gtalk. I don't even talk or message his guy friend! Why is he being this cruel and hurtful? Why can't he see how much I love him and want him to be happy even if he loves someone else?


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  • Sorry for that but it look like you realize he dont love you too late he's a user

    And why he have you car key? Take it from him or maybe he will use it then it will be big pro

    • Cause I was going out of town for work and while at the airport realized that I left food in my car, so handed him my key asking if he would go get the food out for me, otherwise it would rot in the car while I was out of town... Its not possible to take it from him when he is blocking my phone number and email and avoiding me as if I was stalking him... I mean if I go to his house to ring the door bell wouldn't he call the police and say I went to his house uninvited?

      I do feel used... I feel he is nasty to me because he is angry with his ex girlfriend and took it out on me... is that even possible? I don't even look like her and she sleeps around with other men, I don't...

    • I think it's better to change your car lock changes the locks only the door if possible or if you want call the police

      he's angry with he's ex then show it on you thats possible

      Hope you can fix it soon goodluck

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  • Go to the police, he can't keep that property.

    • Yeah, it is so mean of him to keep my car key... I have been thinking about asking his older sister to step in on this issue, but that will just make him hate me even more... so I just keep quiet and don't attend any event she invites me to, I can't bear to look at anyone that look like him right now

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    • I did some research, I could file a report but the police couldn't recover the property for me...

    • That's strange, they should if you report stolen property (because it is) and you know where it is. Otherwise just go and get it and if either one of you call the police then that will get the situation dealt with. You're kind of doing nothing about it otherwise.

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