How to get over him?

I still have feelings for this one guy. The guy that was my first love. I got over him after the first time but he asked me out on a date two years ago again and at first I saw it as just friends an developed feelings and haven't been able to shake them. In total we've known eachother 5 years.


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  • Why do you need to get over him? Is there a reason it won't work with you two?

    • Many reasons. I feel the timing was never right. The first time it didn't work out as because I wasn't ready to be in a relationship because of family problems so I turned him down. Two years later he asked me out again, I saw it as just friends at first then I got feelings. We continued hooking up but things got in the way. Then he moved away for work a year and a half ago and told me he likes me and always has and talked about how he plans to marry me some day. Eveytime he came home we'd see eachother, but long distance was just unrealistic. He's moving back this summer. But currently has a new gf.. I just feel we never had a real shot at things so that's way I can't really move on or get over him. I don't know what to do

    • Ok, look at it this way... yes, the timing has been off for the two of you and yes, he has a gf right now, but that doesn't mean the timing won't be right eventually and it doesn't mean he'll be with this girl forever. Right now just focus on you and your interests and keep him as a friend. Two things could happen - 1: you'll end up with him when the timing is right; or 2: you'll end up meeting someone that's better for you that may never would have happened if you were with the other guy. There is a reason things didn't go as planned in the first place and only time will tell what that reason is. Stay positive.

  • Find a new guy

    • wow. great advice... not!
      Why do you need to get over him? Is there a reason it won't work with you two?

    • My point is no guy should give you this much trouble

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