Is an ex more likely over u if he can text you all the time or nvr txts you?

Is an ex more likely to be over if he is able to talk to u no problem or just not talk to you at all?


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  • I'll say probably not talk to you at all!

    • What if he responds to you if u text him but won't start up a convo?

    • Then he doesn't want to ignore you.. eventually he'll stop responding. If he isn't initiating anything then he's not interested in having any interaction

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  • I would say if he never txts you.

    If you just broke up and he's texting all the time, he's probably still in denial and doesn't believe its over.

    Once he realizes its over, he's not going to want to communicate with you, because it will hurt and re-open old wounds, so he will want to avoid that.
    Once he's over "you" ( the hurt) he will be able to become your friend and text you no problem, because basically he's ready to move into the friendship phase.


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