I broke up w/ him because he was too angry and possessive. That was last night. Then he text me today being totally normal and cracking jokes. Wtf?

So last night we got into a HUGE fight because I finally had enough of his controlling possessive behavior after only a MONTH.
I ended it with him in a very nice way. Simply stating that we are not compatible and that I wish the best. He wished me the same.

But then today he texts me casually something funny he saw on the internet and starts making convo as if nothing ever happend?

I was caught off guard because that just isn't like him (normally after fights he's very bitter and angry). What gives? How should I respond?


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  • Definitely trying to manipulate you. He's changing his behavior in response to how you were able to break away from his angry approach.

    • Oh man he's the king of manipulation!!! So how should I respond?

    • Zero contact that's how. Don't give him the time of day. Just move on and forget that he exists. Any response you would give he would still think there's a chance since you would still be paying attention to him in some way.

    • I will do exactly that. Thank you

  • He's not okay with losing you.


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