Question for the girls about ex bf's/ first time you saw them out?

Well I was dating a girl for a month, and she very politely brushed me off, to which my response was also calm. I didn't ask her to change her mind, or beg her afterwards, I just wished her well and walked away. Moving on with my life.
I have not contacted her since, but a month later we spotted each other out at a club, just after Valentine's day.. she was with friends, but quickly looked away when we made eye contact. Because we split on good terms, I would of thought she would of waved at least, any idea what she might be thinking?


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  • She was thinking that if she interacted more than that (like say hi), you might think she was interested again. Girls hate to be accused of leading guys in and most of us try to avoid that. If you were with another female, she probably wouldn't have wanted to upset your date. But most likely she didn't want to send mixed signals.

    • Haha, I left her alone completely, surely she figured out I moved on a month later

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    • Just was curious, because personality wise we got along great, so surprised not even a hello

  • I would assume it was a reflex. I saw my ex after a few months and when our eyes met i looked away although i didn't intend to be rude or anything. I guess she avoided saying hello so she won't have the awkward meeting with you.


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