Would you text/call an ex after being mean?

Say you told them to go away out of anger but then you call them couple of days later acting like a friend, what does that mean.

I ask because I told my ex I need to distance myself from him because I still love him and it hurts because he broke up with me, but he wants to be friends but I told him I can't right now but he was giving me mixed messages so I asked him if he wanted me out of his life and he was quiet so I asked again then he said "go away" and hung up but then texts me "Hey" 40 mins later and I texts him back but he doesn't respond so I figure it's the last time I hear from him and this was Friday . But today he calls me and he asks how I'm doing and we have a good talk and we laugh.

Why would he call me after telling me to go away and after I told him I need space?


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  • He wants to know that things are okay between the two of you so by reaching out and having you reciprocate, he can convince himself that despite everything, you guys are cool. What he did is actually a pretty cowardly gesture because it would appear that he’s too proud and not humble enough to just apologize for being an insensitive, inconsiderate asshole. Instead of saying sorry, he just decided to crack a few jokes acting like that made his behavior okay. Not cool. He also may have called you and been nice to avoid a guilt trip. Deep down, he may be aware that what he did was f*cked up and the guilt has the potential of eating away at him so by being nice now, he can delude himself about you having any bad feelings towards him for him to even feel guilty about.

    Best move for you at this point is to stop giving him the upper hand. Stop giving him the opportunity to hurt your feelings, let you down, and make you feel horrible. Don’t even give him the chance to disappoint you because you have chosen to remove his presence from your life and leave him as apart of your past not your present or future. When you are dumped, it is crucial to take your power back by not being so available to the one who dumped you and clearly proving to yourself and them that you don’t need them nor their presence. It’s better for you to delete and block him from everywhere and totally ignore his calls for at least a month while you reestablish the joy in your life.

    • You have realized that what you need is space so do yourself a favor and make sure you get that space no matter how often he tries to reach out. If he’s not going to give you space, then take it for yourself by ignoring him and not giving him the time of day.

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    • Aww you're sweet thanks a lot

    • You're welcome

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  • It's possible he mad an irrational decision and in response told you to "go away", all though thats extremely immature, I fully am behind you when you say you can't be his friend at the moment, because the wound is still fresh- I never get why people who end a relationship (not mutually) assume that they can be friends after when in truth you can't, it takes a lot of time to adjust back to your old life, not communicating with this person everyday. Perhaps he feels like you're never going to talk to him again/ sometimes for some reason people have this odd feeling inside them that they know they broke up with you, but they hope you're not over them just yet- i guess it would be a sign to him knowing you still love him if you're willing to forgive and reply to him right away, selfish move on his part though.. Perhaps you need to have time to yourself no matter what.

    • When he told me he couldn't be with me but he still loves me and cares for me but then he said I know we will be good friends and I just told him I can't be your friend for a while and he was surprised and sounded disappointed and said "really." I hate to distance myself from him because I love him but if he can't be with me I need to distance myself from him for a long time. He is just being really selfish. Thanks for answering my question :)

  • I would say mixed emotions he could be dealing with other stuff and bringing it out on you or getting annoyed by you but missing you at the same time. Boys are confusing something's

    • Yes guys are really confusing they just don't know what they do to women.

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