Do guys get itimidated or find its less appealing if a girl works out a lot?

do guys get itimidated or find its less appealing if a girl works out a lot? So im kinda dating a guy right now, but he doesn't work out, but i do, almost everyday. I do a lot of strengt training and im working towards getting as strong as i can, and i am actually considered strong by most people (people i have met that told me that). I like when my muscles "stick out" and i love the reactions i get when i flex or when i lift heavy. While that is said i know things like that could be considered masculine to some guys, and since he is actually skinny im kinda afraid he will either be turned off by it or feel itimitaed since i am so strong and/or have muscles. We haven't really been intimate so he doesn't really know what i look like, expeically since i have worn big jackest or shirts when we have been hangig out. I actually considered not dating him just because of the fact that he doesn't work out, but when i really think about it its more about my insecurities and that im kinda affriad he will break it off when he feels/see that im almost bigger then him ( i actually think i am). by the way i think you can say i look something similat to the woman in the picture but my arms aren't that toned, my abs aren't that toned and i have a more narrow waistline :

by the way im 5'5 and i wear size s in pretty much everything


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  • As long as you don't look man-ish I'm fine with a women working out. I myself bodybuild 5 days a week and do MMA 3 tiles a week in addition to 2 days of training for various things.

  • ok, it does sound like you are the one who is insecure, so best thing is to get the cloths off, i suggest going swimming, he gets to see you better and its not a sexual thing. let him make up his own mind, stop hiding things from him. be open and honest, let him know the way you want your body to look, he might like it, if he doesn't don't worry there are loads of guys who find a toned muscular woman super sexy and beautiful. live your life if he doesn't like it then move on and find someone who does.

    • yeah, im very insecure :( and you're right, if he doesn't like it, thats his problem and not mine

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    • that is good to hear, i didn't mean it to be in anyway insulting, and i meant body building as in doing weights and increasing strength, not the super huge muscle type, anyway i hope your question was answered and i hope you have a wonderful future. keep up the gym work, it is great for the mind as well as the body

    • oh i wasn't offened, sorry if it came across that way! And thanks and i will :)

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