Can't stop thinking about my ex when ever I'm alone and sometimes with company. What things will fill this void and help me improve love for myself?

We broke up over a month ago. But finding our she was already with someone else after only 4 weeks hurt a lot. I have feelings for her still which I wish would go away because things with myself are starting to progress well apart frI'm having her on my mind constantly. I know it's normal but it feels as if she wanted someone to be with to help forget about me :/ what things should I be doing? I'm keeping busy catching up with people being positive. It just seems like a slow process at the moment


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  • That always hurts when someone has moved on. Especially so quickly. But you have the right idea in realizing that your best way to move on is to love yourself. Easier said than done I know.

    Just focus on things that make you happy and that you have going on. Go out and do something for yourself. See your friends.

    It's a slow process but it sounds like you're already getting there :)

    • Yeah it really does. But I these things happen for a reason. I've never taken the responsibility to take ownership for my own happiness and love. I think I owe it to myself to pursue that :)

    • That's awesome! You sound like a super emotionally healthy person right now. A lot of people aren't that aware!

      Good luck finding yourself ;)

    • Haha yeah just had a massive epiphany I guess! Yeah I think having the right mindset helps and the fact I'm determined too. Thanks for the advice and encouragement :)

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  • Sounds like you're already doing your best... Stuck in a similar position too mate, so I know how much it sucks. It may sound daft, but actually having feelings proves one thing... you're human, and still alive :)

    Wondering whether or not it's a rebound for her will only drive you crackers unfortunately. I am wondering the same about my ex, took her about two weeks, but my situation is unique, just as yours is.

    • Yeah exactly mate it's not easy haha. I think knowing I'm going everyday with out withdrawals is a positive. I'm trying my best not to think about her relationship it's now become a habit now. It will go with time guess I just need to be patient :)

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  • Find whats your hobbies and buy a psp

    You need to move on she already have one withen 4 weeks


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