Need some female advise, concerning my ex Gf?

Ok she still hates me that is obvious, i try to reconnect with her slowly. I called her 1,5 week ago... she answered the phone. next day i asked her by text if she got her new job, she ignored that message. So today i was looking at pictures in my phone and there was one of her in between. So i posted her that picture , her response : assh*le. ? ok... so i ignored that insult, well her replies to anything i wrote were: so what? so what? so...

than i got a text telling me not to write with her. ok explain me, why does she answer my phone calls and talk to me, but ignores my texts, than tells me not to write with her, she could just block me on social media if she hates me that much. by the way i dont know why she hates me, i think she has some mental issues, along the line of borderline or bi polair. Not sure anyway, why does she act this way. If she doesn't want me to speak to her, or write to her, block me from social media, dont answer my phone calls.

so what do you girls think..


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  • ... Concerning my ex Gf?
    You have stated here, dear, with needing some advice, that you are no longer hooked at the hip, no longer two birds of a feather and with this Break Up------She still hates me that it is obvious.
    She apparently is holding this grudge to her dying day and doesn't even want to be friends with you. She is one way today and tomorrow she is something different and only you know the real her, whether it is some 'Mental issues' or just her being a fickle pickle now because of this bad... break up.
    Move on. You now have your life back as this free bird now. You both split up and if it was you who initiated it, then go about your own business to not make hers your "business" or part of your life that you both once shared in the nest that no longer seems cozy nor comfy nor... koshore.
    Good luck. xx

    • i didn't initiated it, she is a cheater and a manipulative individual but i care about her, because i loved her. I dont hate her and i can't understand why she acts this way. can't she see that was she is doing is wrong, i see that it affects her little daughter. the only thing that makes logic is to claim that she has a personality disorder. My psychotherapist told me she most likely is prone to a personality disorder. here i am, seeing a psychotherapist because i feel depressed and empty, due to her, and i still care enough to find out what could be wrong with her, how i can help her, but i can't help her. I've seen that now. im trying to reconnect and even now, she insults me. im extremely worried about her, especially when i see the type of people she hangs around with. its not longer my problem, im just trying to be nice to the mother of my unborn child. maybe she hates me for that, i will always be the father of her unborn child but i loved them both, so i dont deserve her hatred!

    • thats not fair either way, im not to blame for the miscarriage, neither is she, regardless of the fact that i begged her to stop smoking and drinking caffeine. maybe one she will come back since she keeps open the lines of communication, the question is, do i want her back, im currently applying for a job as a police officer, slowly im regaining myself and i can't have her around when she hangs around with criminals. because i know she does. I come from a good & healthy family, i take great care of myself and i have people in my family with good jobs, doctors, directors, my younger brother goes to the techninal university ( alreayd and engineer ) ... i can offer her more than she thinks but what can she offer me. she threw her life away when she was 16, having a child with someone who is 7 years older and currently in jail. if i see the people she chats with, or hangs around with. i concider them life unworthy, scumbags and filth. i dont need her, she needs me!

    • Move on either way.. she is not for you.. you deserve someone else.:)) xxoo

  • So what you're basically doing in this post is desperately hanging onto hope and asking us to confirm that hope by saying "Well gee if she hasn't blocked you and deleted you, then she must still care for you a little bit"? -_-

    The better question is what did you do to make her despise you and not want to give you the time of day? If she doesn't want to be bothered with you, then you need to respect that and stop being so pushy and in her face. It's really self-centered of you.

    • wow im self centered > when she miscarried our child she let me sit alone at my appartment while she was hanging around with a buddy of hers whom she probable had sex with. listen i block people i dont want to talk to, ok. thats normall. i did nothing to her, all she could do is rage at me. when ever something was wrong she would shut down, i started talking to her uncle, never saying a bad word about her and she begins to rage about that. when she missed her period, she ignored me for 3 days on. nice right, the only time i got pissed and did anything to insult and upset her, is after she came back from her Christmas holidays. saw her outside, walked to her and asked her calmly if we could talk. no, no, thats all she could say, it reminded me of a child who resufed to eat its vegetables. came that same evening because i wanted to talk, she gave me the finger and ignored me. next day i found out what was going on, she was seeing someone else, i believe she screwed 3 guys during her

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    • how am i selfish for trying to recogncile with her her who dumped me, its her who insulted, and tormenten me with her cruel words, saying it was my fault that she miscarried our child. It's no ones fault. I worked longer hours, spend my last money on her, i had barely food in my appartment. I played with her daughter, all i wanted in return was her commitment. a good conversation , instead she offered me nothing but insecurity. I cried every evening, trying to safe a life, that of our child. one day she would go from wanting it, next day not wanting it. i didn't know what to do, she wouldn't speak , she wouldn't listen. i cared so much about her and she abonded me because i loved her, she is not seeking for love, she doesn't know what it means. love is sacrifice, not taking something for granted. I never took her for granted. I think its better she stays single, and stopts seeing men. she shouldn't be sleeping around, because her life is a viscious cycle. she should learn to love herself

    • She doesn’t deserve you. Time to let her go. Time to stop obsessing and being overly concerned with the sh*tty lifestyle she chooses.

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