How do I get over the guy who isn't totally gone yet?

I've had this long and complicated friends with benefits thing that almost turned romantic, and then didn't and lots of other awful things happened. I ended it last week and I took him off Facebook and SnapChat and deleted him from my phone. He's apparently thinking about me and has been thinking of talking to me, but it has only been a week so there hasn't been anything. I just want to move on though. In case he never gets in touch, I just want to move on. Please help.


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  • Even if he Would 'Gets in touch,' here, dear, block him from your phone if you have to. If you have seen for yourself that your 'Friends with benefits' isn't going to ever Benefit you in any way, shape or form, then keep your distance, don't cave in and go back. It will only lead to a full circle pattern of going down a beaten Path Of------Lots of other awful things happened.
    Lick your war wounds and focus on you now. Go slow with your own flow. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say, and neither was finding a Ripe ol' Romance, where you can have your sweet cake and truly have it Too.
    He has shown you his own proof int the pudding and that is he was just cozy and comfy with what you both shared in between the sheets. And with him 'He's apparently thinking of me,' is telling me that he may just get in contact with you in another sort of way, should you decide to 'Block him'[ first on your cell and... have still his way if he can help it.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yeah we are never going back to what we used to be. He has no chance of getting between the sheets with me unless we were in a full on committed relationship and even that has a pretty slim chance of happening. I would like us to get closure, but at the same time I would rather just move on and away from everything that has happened. I just want to know how to actually get over him. It's so hard not to stop thinking about things that make me upset.

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