How should I handle this delicate situation?

I've been with this guy for a little over a year. We dated 4 months before moving in together. We are both 23.
The first time we lived together we lasted for 5 months. He did something that hurt my feelings so I contacted an ex of mine and the bf found out and decided to move out also saying rent was too high.
We both move into separate places and I reach out again because we had a vacation booked. We go on vacation and were back into the old swing of things and decides to move into my new place with me. During this time he had a crappy job and could barely afford gas let alone rent so I didn't expect rent for a few months. I started getting annoyed he wasn't able to pay more so pushed him into getting a higher paying job where he doesn't have to commute. He starts paying rent and things are okay again.
Then lately this past month he's never been home. And he gets home very late. I didint mind this at first because he used to call/text me throughout the day. Slowly all communication stopped. K started to feel extremely neglected and lonely and would try to plan different things for us to do. I asked him to request weekends off so we can spend more time together since I am free on the weekends. He does this, but nothing changes. The time we do spend together usually results in us fighting and critizing eachother. It makes me feel extremely lonely and depressed. We got into a big fight last week and a fee days later he says he wants space and wants to move out. I am do fed up with being on the back burner that I pack up his things and essentially kick him out. Why drag this out? Why drag me along anymore? He obviously gave up a while ago so why should I be the only one trying and begging him? He essentially tells me that I am asking too much of him and that if things don't go my way I get mad. Now he is living in his car and still works the 2 jobs. I am very fed up with him but now I also feel guilty and still extremely hurt by all of this. What should I do?
Excuse the typos, I am typing this on my phone.


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  • Let him go and don't call him ever again. He wants freedom, he gets freedom. There are certain underlying rules when you're living together, you can't just disregard them in the name of "personal space".


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  • Let him go. He was the one who said he wanted to move out first. If he didn't have things planned out he shouldn't have said it. You've been more than generous enough already. If all you do is fight when you're together it's not really fair to either of you to force the relationship to continue.

    Buy something nice for yourself, think about getting a pet, or just generally get out into the world and let the guy and the relationship go.

    • Hi, thanks for the reply. I have threatened to kick him out before because of fights we've gotten into. He says he wasn't even considering moving out until I mentioned it first... :/

      I actually do have a dog!

    • Pfft either way he was the one who agreed and didn't think about the logistics. And if you've been talking about him moving out for awhile it was def time to end things.

      Wooo! That's awesome!! They make wonderful friends and you know a dog is always happy to see you. That's what you need in a S/O. Someone who wants to talk to you and doesn't whinge about you talking to them too much.

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