Will he take me back or is he really done?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 1/2 years a very bumpy relationship but overall we had a good relationship and we loved each other very much recently he has gotten tired of me constantly accusing him and not trusting him just last week he broke up with me and told me he is done and he doesn't want to get back with me and that is it he's done this before two years ago when we first started dating and we are still about to get in the matter whathe argued with me for 11 hours back-and-forth about how he's done I argued saying that I could change but he didn't believe me because I couldn't change before when he asked me to it's been a week now and we're still broken up and just today he told my friend that he is done with me and does not want to get back he feels relievedbut he said he misses me and still loves me very much so my friend asked him if I could change and take me back and he said I would have to work really hard at it he said that we will talk soon but he needs his Space but why would he want to talk to me soon if he established to me that were done?


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  • Ya. He ll come back. But you should not disturb him. Wait and notice also. He should not connect with another girls also. Make him to wait for your calls. If you call often he ll get irritate and you will loss your last chance. Be calm and patience.

    • Why would he say we will talk soon whag more can he say he established that we were over

    • There may be several reason.
      1. He may cheated you. And he can't share with you.
      2. he may like different girl.
      3. He may break up any one of the promise.
      4. The time which he spending now a days boring.
      5. He may finished sex with you (if he behave only for sex)
      6. You may got changed.
      7. Different girl may approach him.
      8. Some of his friends may have told bad about you.
      and so. . .
      First tell me in which category. I ll try to tell the solution

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  • You shouldn't have to change. Find someone who wants the real you.


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