What should I do?

I want to speak to my ex boyfriend to try and be friends because that is what he wanted but when I text he is blunt with me? And he suggested being friends but don't text me or anything? What should I do to make him open up to me and make him realise we can be friends even though I'm by over him?


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  • You make him realize. What was the reason for your break up?

    • He broke up with me because he said he don't love me no more but he still has feelings and cares.. And because I was upset he said he wants to do whatever he can to help me through this.. But I havnt even had a text off him? He just replies to me bluntly

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    • So what should I do?

    • Dont say we are friends with him. Say to him still I am loving you. And wait for the message. Dont sent this message it might became annoying. If he have feelings definitely he ll send reply. But the time he may take up to a week. Be patience.

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  • Maybe he thought beings friends would be easier than not being friends at all, the common mistake ex's do is decide to be friends right away, it's a lot to adjust to, when you go from having someone constantly in your life, to them barely at all. I would just be patient, and maybe you guys don't need to even be friends right now, like really what loss is him not being your friend anyway? you can't force someone to be friends with you, it should be effortless both ways, don't waste your time on someone who doesn't want to put the effort in return.

    • What should I do? Should I just not text him and see if he texts me? Or should I cconfront him an say he's the one that wanted to be friends and friendships need 2 people to put the effort in and I'm the only one doing it? And see what he says? I don't want to push him away further or make him hate me though

    • If you're being honest with someone and yet push your away, then you know that's all you could have done. In reality its better to not close up how you feel, but if you feel like it would better your "friendship" then wait, ultimately it's up to you, but don't wait for something that isn't going to come with that being said you can do both- wait a little perhaps a week- if nothing then tell him how you feel.

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  • You can try to be friends with him and see where leads you. I've read a lot stories about people trying to be friends with there exes and it just doesn't work out. Its a difficult transition when you go from having someone that was in your life everyday to someone who you barely see at all. It takes a while to adjust ot being friends, and plus you two have to make sure you set boundaries and make sure you two are on the same page with being friends. I personally wouldn't recommend being friends with him, it just makes things awkward. I tried it in my last relationship it just made things weird so I just cut it off. Be patient and just give it time, maybe it'll work you never know. If he doesn't want to try to initiate a friendship with you then that's his loss. What's the point of putting in your effort if he won't do the same. But all in all its up to you, if you feel comfortable with it and you are completely over him then I say go for it. If you don't feel so comfortable with it then try to cut off contact with him for a while and see where that goes.


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