Will he ever take me back after I was a class 5 clinger?

My ex and I broke up about a month and a half ago. Its been really hard on we... I am pregnant with his child, this is my second. Anyways when we broke up we started counseling to better our relationship as parents... he said he needed time away from dating to focus on work and stuff... he said that he did see us getting back together, he wants me and the kids in his life, he just needs time. well I became a serious class 5 clinger. constantly texting him while he was at work, like seriously out of 78 texts last month he replied to 35... he told me he didn't want me texting him so much, that the only reason he avoided me was because Id get irrationally mad at him for not texting me back. I've been super stressed because I miss him, we believed we were each others soul mates... the times where I thought I could finally let go and I wouldn't text him, he would text me saying he misses me and wishes I was sleeping next to him... like it was so confusing. all I wanted was for us to be a family to the girls. well now his family got involved and threatended a restraining order against me, so I completely stopped texting him. the apologized to me for going to that and they were just upset that I was ruining any relationship I had with my ex... I apologized to his family and him... I told him I wouldn't contact him at all. and I haven't. did I ruin any chances of getting back with my ex? if I leave him alone till the baby is born is that enough time to give him before I text him again? (4 months left) should I just move on for good? if there's any chance of fixing this please tell me how!!!


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  • Probably not. I wouldn't


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