How to get over ex boyfriend?

He broke up with me about 3 weeks ago and I probably would have been fine by now but after the break up he called me and text me a few time and confused me and that left me heart broken again. Last Friday we talked and laughed but then got into talking about how we feel about each other and then he told me to go away and then hug up on me. So I left him alone but then Tuesday he calls me and acts like a friend and that leaves me confused and missing him all over again.

I just want to move on but I still have a feeling that he might call me again and I will always feel sad.


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  • The reason he's talking with you still is because he is having a hard time moving on everybody does after a breakup. But the thing is he broke up with you and you should always remember that you deserve somebody who will do anything to keep you. Don't bother with someone who gave up on you because at the end of the day you want someone who wants to be with you no matter how hard things get. Hang out with friends, have fun do something by yourself like travel and most importantly I know its cliche but I can guarantee you will find someone else sooner than you expect

    • Yeah that's very very true and I have been keeping myself busy so I don't think about him but it's so hard but I know I can do it. Thanks a lot for the help

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  • There is only the one way and that is the hard way: ignore, delete and move on. These are the hardest three words but the way to go on about it is to make use of your time for yourself. Join the gym if you haven't yet. Work out is the best way to feel good or better. Meditate. Love never ends but it doesn't have to end with happily ever after. People come into your life as a lesson or a blessing and most the times the lessons themselves are a blessing. Move on means moving on to your personal life line next level. Work on your self, heal yourself. Join a Salsa school, join any other groups of your likes. Find balance and peace within yourself and then you will realize a lot of things. Why it ended, why it began. And you will realize that everything happened for a reason, like all of us do. Just ask him not to contact you anymore. Give him the it is me it is not you line if you want

    • When I talked to him Friday I told him that I need to distance myself from him and he may not hear from me for a while and he seemed surprised that I said that but then when I told him if he wanted me to go away I would and he would never hear from me and that's when he said "GO away" and then he hung up on me and I was okay with that but then Tuesday he calls me asking how I was doing and then just talked to me as a friend and we talked for about an hour and we had a good time talking but I'm just confused why he would keep contacting me if is the one who broke up with me. I'am going to ignore him if he tries to contact me again because it just hurts to even talk to him because I still love him. Thanks for the help

    • I can understand. Its ok to feel this way and also the worst to feel this way. But given the chances he will come back after some time again somehow looking possible, you will hopefully found resolution and strength by then not to be tied with a rope behind someones rollercoaster of instability. Hope you will feel better soon

    • PS: I did something similar to an ex, stringing her along although I carried on the relationship for more than a year not wanting to be in it anymore cause I was feeling guilty. And even long after our break up, feeling guilty cause I had to break her heart. Also because it was not easy for me as well after all this time. I dont know his reasons but it is better for you also to let go in peace and lovingly. You will respect yourself for that later on.

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  • Find someone new.


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