How do I break up with him?

I have been broken up with but never broke up with someone myself.
We have been together for almost 3 years and for quite a while I feel like things aren't the same anymore.
He texted me other night telling me how important I am to him and I just couldn't reciprocate it as I always would many times before.

I still care for him of course just not as much as I used to. If I was ever in a bind in the relationship, I would turn to my supportive friends who have always told me how good he is to me and that we have great chemistry, telling me to work things through and usually it does make me see this. I have turned to a friend earlier and I still don't feel any different.

Okay he tells me how important I am to him but his actions are prove different. He works literally right down the road from where I live, yet it's so difficult to even meet him after he finishes work and I work too but I always have to make room for him but he never makes room for me. And when I do point this out he goes "I'm stressed and tired, try working 40 hours a week" when I work 40 hours a week too but dismisses this as apparently my job ain't as hard as his! And complains about stress in his personal life. Yea because I don't have stress in my personal life... what an idiot.
He's also moved house recently and I feel like this is making us more distant.

I just don't feel like I am all that important to him, he's stopped fighting for me and I feel like I'm the only one putting effort into this relationship but he says he wants this to work. But I don't think it will.


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  • Well I think you should give him one last talk/last chance. Giving up is easy , but he should be the positive thing in your life and if its making you miserable and he fails this last chance you will give him. Then do it honest , give him all the answers and be ready for it to be very uncomfortable. Or if he doesn't pass this last chance , maybe just go on a break , give him a little scare and taste how it would be without you in his life... a bit manipulative , and shade, but who knows , could save you. And of course take this advice with a grain of salt!


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