Why does my Ex still touch me? Is he playing games?

My ex whom i barely dated still finds excuses to touch me like he used to and then there're other times when he acts completely different and ignores me.


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  • Your still holding feelings for him, either you or him got to call it quits cause as you can see the guys moving on.. Plus i see you've put more into this
    relationship and yet you keep trying it's not going work leave it go your
    getting hurt.


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  • Id just tell him what him touching you is making you feel really awkward since he's his ex and that you don't want to make it feel any awkward than it already is... next time he tries to touch you move away quickly from him and then explain why, if he carries on id just tell him to leave you alone.


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  • he's probably gonna fist you when you're not looking

  • Next thing u know, he's gonna slip and fall into ur vaginally. This is how it all starts

    • We never slept together. He won't greet me like he used to (kiss on the cheek) but he will touch my waist or poke me, or say things to annoy me.

    • oh thats soft. not even the first base. those touches are a quasi friendship /david coopafeel tactics.

      i thought he was up in your tits and ass...

  • Why are you still talking to your ex, is what I want to know...

    • We're classmates I can't avoid seeing him, i'm dropping a class because of him.

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    • I agree; it was not a wise thing to do.

    • Now you know

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