Is there hope for us?

me and my ex bf have been dating for 6 years. He unfortunately has many issues such as depressions, anxiety and ADD. we recently broke up but we have always had a rocky relationship but always managed to find our way back. I haven't talked to him in about 2 weeks but before that i did everything wrong such as hooking up with him and looking desperate. He has always told me it doesn't feel the same when he is with other girls and always has found his way back to me eventually. I know some people would say just move on but i know that i fight for what i watn and at this time i believe we can work but we also need to face the issues we always ignored is there hope


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  • Sweety, you cannot win every fight and not every fight is worth fighting.
    Being on and off for 6 years, him being with other women in between and coming back to you whenever and you taking him back every time is a vicious circle. you are selling yourself dramatically under value and are showing a big lack of respect for your own well-being.
    A relationship should be fun, it should make you happy, it should be the place you can come home to and be safe when the world is crappy. Of course there will be bad times, but the good times should outweigh them.

    What do you want for your future? do you see it happening with him?
    Only you can know if there is hope for you two. Couples therapy will be useful, maybe a joined session with his phsychiatrist. He needs to commit 100% for any chance of this working out.
    Just never forget that you are allowed to move on without him, you do not have to feel bad for doing so nor like you are abandoning him. It is after all your life and you have the right to be happy.


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  • It will take some work, but yes there is hope. As long as you two sit down and put the same amount of effort in, there is a way for you two to work through things. Coming from someone who has severe anxiety, you may need to comfort him more while working through things. Addressing issues and past problems the right way (without arguing), will help you guys tremendously. I wish you the best and good luck! :)

  • Then face the issues. Coming from someone with anxiety to the point where leaving my house is a fight, sever depression, add, as well as OCD, and numerous other disorders, relationships can work despite these things. You just have to be there for that person more than usual.


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