What's your opinion on dating co workers? Read my story. Share yours. Why or why not?

Dating a coworker is a big no, no for me why? I'll tell you why. three years ago my older sister warn me about dating my one my coworker, but I was too stubborn, in love and blind. I was so in love, Everything my sister told me was pointless. well i tells you, mother f****** broke my heart recently, we'll a few months ago. And I have to work with him every god damn day I don't think I can take it anymore and he flirt with everybody on purpose so you can get on my god damn nerves. well getting better now. I don't really get jealous anymore so that's a plus, I guess I had to learn my lesson to realize you don't s*** where you eat. What is your opinion and share your story if you have one.


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