How to break up a 3 year relationship?

Me and my girlfriend been on and off and i want to be single again
I dropped out of school for her because she said ill have a job and etc etc been 5months no job im far away from home all we do is have sex like 2-3 times a day and really i dont think ill be going no where with her but i go to school with her so she can have a ged too and after that i think i want to break up should i? Her gma i thinks hate me and we live with her and mmmm i still have dreams and feelings for my ex whos my first what to do?


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  • ... And I want to be single again...
    You have answered your own question here, dear. It's obvious you are not happy, not contented and there is no future when you Only-------Have sex like 2-3 times a day.
    You are merely an Enabler for your girlfriend, not Being able to help your own self right now. You choose to to just live with 'Gma' and with go to school with her so she can have a ged too,' you are not only Dreaming of another life that you want to lead down the road, but are floating back to 'My ex whos my first...'
    It may or may not work out for you and the ghost of yesterday. However, by staying hooked a the hip with this hairy scary situation where it is rattling your cage and making you want to drift off and just Break ties, is telling me that you need to start making a game plan to... hit the road and be your own man.
    Good luck. xx


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  • then break up with her if you want to make up with your ex now.. :-)


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  • I recommend you think twice and don't make any moves unless you are sure because it seems like you are unsure. Once you take an action it might be irreversible.

    Good luck!

  • You need to do what is. best for you


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