Why does she still affect me so much?

She deserves all the bad things that could happen to her, she is a cheater. She cheated on me, cheated back on that guy she cheated with me on, started hanging around with a guy friend who slept over at her place, than went to poland, suddenly some guy is bombarding her fb , her aunt told me she took 2 or 3 late drives around 3 o clock in the morning, now she is back and suddenly has another ''bf''( she never goes public ) , now i can see some other guy spamming her fb profile, she is liking all his pictures, she found a new job and i know were. now some guy from there added her. I want to crush her, i want to destroy her and tell every guy who shows interest in her what she is like. She doesn't deserve to be happy. Im so angry with her, i still have her on social media, she doesn't delete me. how come she still affects me, she lies, cheats and is a manipulator, she was pregnant from me and miscarried our child and acts so indifferent. Im really angry, i dont want to see her face anymore but i can't bring myself to it. im always hoping for that one day, she may realize that i was a good guy , but i think im naieve. this is the way she is. she won't change i just want her to pay one way or another.


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  • You obviously still care. Point blank. It may seem like conflicting emotions, but if you still feel any emotion towards the situation then you still care. You need to move on. The only way she'll see how good you were is if you move on with someone else. This is the only time she'll really feel bad, because she'll know that she's not all you think about anymore. Move on.

    • but should i block her from social media, it hurts knowing she is talking to other men, actually she is a slut. she goes from guy to guy i know she does, she always has the next in line

    • You should do anything you can to keep her out of your head. If that means blocking her on social media, then by all means, do it.

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