Girlfriend wanted break, Revenge rebound?

I was her first makeout, sex and love we were dating for 1 year about to graduate highschool. Our relationship was always amazing and we were so in love and serious. She did everything for me ALWAYS did everything for me treated me like king, did anything i wanted did the most effort and showed so much LOVE. Last week thursday/friday she wanted a break, Me not undesrstanding her not explaining i kept on talking and talking and she eventually said ur smothering me. On Sunday night we said good night i love you to eachother. Monday i gave her a love letter explaining every month together up to now i guess, she cried, hugged me and she let me kiss her. She said she wanted space and if she wanted me back she would come to me. She then told me she went to a guys house rubbed it in my face said they did "stuff" could be a lie and right now continues to show SO much HATE towards me I dont know why. She has been trying to get my attention to much by trying to look different, She said hi to me in person and i just walked away but she didn't say it in a good way either in my opinion. What do i do Im so heartbroken and she's being to immature about this, Posts on instagram a woman is unstoppable when she deserves better with a peace sign? HELP? thats a shot to the heart and I love her and only want her we have done to much to let this go and no matter what happens next i still want her for our life that we had together. she's antisocial, doesn't like to go out often, quiet, curfew 9 weekdays, curfew 11 weekends, doesn't liek to party she likes to play video games like ME. We had EVERYTHIING together.. Ever since Wednesday i have backed of and will continue to not realize she's there but she's seen me cry in class that we both have together and she doesn't want to leave it when she has the option to. PLEASE this is my FUTURE after grad we had a life planned ahead.. this guy she's talking to know him he's a pig and wants the sex nothing else will she not miss being loved? any help please.
I know her inside and out which is why i can say this can be deserving but I don't want to give up and don't. No matter how much she tries to hurt me for now. I know she's been immature.. but she can grow from it and realize whatever guy that pops won't give her love.


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  • Give her the space she asked for. No matter how much it hurts. Although it kind of seems like she's seeing how far she can push you. From what you said anyway. But yeah, she asked for space so give it to her. And try not to let her see that it's bothering you.

    • Give her space?
      If that's your way of saying "be rid of the bitch", then I agree.

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    • Ok so it seems like you both like to play games then. Hmm. Well my answer remains the same. Give her the space. If she comes back, take her back. You 2 deserve each other.

    • @rthomas43 just no... my frustration level is through the roof with this situation right now lol

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  • Ditch the bitch.
    Heart break sucks, but if we're being honest, she's a bit of a cunt. You're young, you have plenty of time to recover.
    Don't go back to her. What she did is unforgivable.

    Respect yourself. If and when she comes crawling back, send her ass right back out the door. Don't be somebody's fall back plan.

    • Just saying. If you take her back after she treats you like garbage, what's to stop her from doing it again? She will not respect you.

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    • The thing is I did have major stuff to change... I controlled her, i know i did. I was iffy about letting her have instagram and snapchat. I also hated if she painted her nails and didn't like the fact that she wanted a tattoo, in the end she knows i dont care anymore but what i have to change is being controlling and thats what I have been doing. So i will let her walk all over me for now if this act keeps happening Then yes i will stop but its only 4 days after we ended

    • Ugh, well, good luck.

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  • Give her space, but also make her feel she needs you.

    • How should i do that.. I dont understand girls really in this situation but why is she trying to get my attetnion posting all of this making me mad and just saying she deserves more, even tho i have made her realize i love her and want her, do you think doing things that get me mad make her think im going to talk to her

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  • I love women, but some of them can be so sneakily cruel. Bro you need to chill! And dude if she wants to be with a guy who wants to use her for sex, well that is her choice. But if that is the case explain to me why you want to be with a woman who would choose to be with this supposed "pig."

    • She always talked negative about him, She never was a hookup girl never has been, She knows this guy must talk to different girls at once goes to parties and does stuff she doesn't like, which is why im saying she has no idea what she's doing

    • People will tell you a lot of things dude, does she hang with this guy? Those are your words right there bro.

  • Dashed future.


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