Am I strange for not hating my ex?

I am a single mother to two children aged 10 and 8 their father left us when my youngest was 2. He has totally cut them out of his life. He has a new gf and a baby aged 2. I have struggled on my own, but managed to provide a happy safe, secure family life for us.

I don't hate my ex, but i feel so hurt if i see him with his toddler and gf. My friends think i am crazy for not hating him. I do love and miss him.

I can' t be angry or hate him. I don't know why. Am i strange for not feeling hatred toward him?


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  • He gave you the two most precious gifts you could ever have gotten: your kids. I'm sure there's a part of you that is very thankful for him for that. But being he is not in your life or your kids life and you don't hate him means you're a better person than he is. You may not hate him but let me ask this, if he wanted you back, would you take him back?

    • I don't know , because i couldn't go through the emotional pain again. Maybe not, but i would embrace him into our children's life. They need him so much

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    • No better thought of for it though, but i can't change who i am inside , i would if i could.

    • Thanks for MH!! :)

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  • You are not strange for not hating him. That is keeping your life in controls and not wasting unhelpful emotions on things you can't control. However, you are strange for loving and missing him. He left you and he left his two children and cut them out of his life. That is seriously bad. He has left you and them to fend for yourselves. That is seriously bad. the kind of guy who would do that is not wrth much of anything, and is certainly not someone you should love and miss. I am not saying you should hate him, but you should certainly not love and miss the guy that would treat your kids (and you) like that!


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  • No you're not strange for hating him, people deal with their emotions in different ways and perhaps you aren't the type of person to hold a grudge against someone that won't change. Your kids are the ones you're paying attention to, in the end you know you can't make people stay with you so why bother giving out negative energy for things you can't change. I think you're pretty much over it and have come to terms with the fact that he's moved on with his life, and you know you should too!


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