My girlfriend broke up with me on our 11 month anniversary?

My girlfriend now ex, broke up with me on our 11 month anniversary, she said it was better for her and that its not working between us, that same day, i gave her flowers and a letter that says, i still love her and that if she wants to be friends to text me, i know its dumb but i really do love her and still care of her, the next day she text me and we talked about what happen, now she's telling me she still love me, misses me and my kisses, gives me kiss and heart emojis, and that she's thinking about going back with me, but still doesn't want to cause she still thinks thats it better for her and that it won't work between us, i heard a lot of rumors that she broke up with me, cause its for another guy, that she doesn't love me no more, cause of school, and cause i get jealous a lot
I asked her which one is true, she said only that i get jealous a lot is a reason she broke with me, the rest aren't true, its not for another guy and that she still loves me, she says i get way to jealous cause she around her guy friends, i told her how do you not expect me to not get jealous when she constantly around guys, she even said she has more guy friends then girl friends, she said she's willing to go back with me if i lower my jealously but thats she's still not sure
Help me please i really dont know what to do?


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  • you'll be fine take walk don't think about it and what ever happens happens. Hell I've seen relationship go two years and they break up

    • So just forget her?

    • She walked out of Ur life. She's gone. I would leaver out of my life and if she wanted to come back and try again I would let her till then there are a hole lot of other girls out there

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  • To quote Jay-Z "Jealousy is a female trait"

    Jealous boyfriends annoy girls. Just take a step back and let her figure out if she actually likes you. If she does come back don't be so jealous. Suggest she hang out with her friends every so often and then surprise her with a romantic gesture when she gets back. That lets her know that you are okay with her having fun without you but that you still think about her when she is gone. If that doesn't work then you are not right for each other.


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  • Trust her unless you have a real reason not to. Hell, I'd break up with a girl if she got angry at me for hanging out with my platonic female friends.

    • I have a reason not to trust her with guys, before i caught her getting really close to another guy, she saw him, text him on the low, she even promised me that she wasn't but still did

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