Compatibility what is it to you?

This girl i dated for a few months dumped me out of the blue saying she wasn't sure if we were compatible, but when hung out she always said she likes how well we are together and get along, she loves being around me and she's always attached to me when we are somewhere, even our last time together was awesome. So was she lying? And what is compatible to you mean? Because i think its how well people get along and share similar interest. Help a guy out ladies


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  • There's a lot of information being left out here and I'm very sorry you two broke up.

    For me, compatibility does not mean being the same exact thing as that person because it's a 50/50 deal (all depends on the individuals)... I think it's kind of like dating yourself so you know the ropes very well and "the same" will get boring eventually (not in the sex department). But that's just my personal opinion hence the name of the site.


    Compatibility means complimenting each others' personalities with flaws and traits that one has, that the other doesn't. For instance, an extroverted woman and an introverted man. I'm not saying all fall into this category but let's say this extroverted woman has been used to being so sociable and loves gatherings while the introverted man, is not; he prefers to be doing his own thing, a hobby, in his own space. The extroverted woman, a committed one at least, will reach out to her introverted man, and make the effort in doing the things he likes to do. In return, he will also do the same for her and bam, it works with effort.

    Nothing worth having is done without work and effort.

    All in all, compatibility in a relationship is having the best interest of someone at heart. Yes, chemistry included, and most importantly: communication.

    I hope this makes sense.

    I can elaborate but it would be helpful if you added some more information on where you think you both went wrong (I'm not pointing the finger at anyone).

    Plus, you're on the right track that it is how people get along well and share similar interests but there's a bit more to it than that and it's not really complicated even though ironically, you're asking what it is. :)

    • Thanks for the response. And yes there is more I was trying to keep it short, but we had a lot of similar interest but we had some differences and I was accepting of hers I'm an outdoors person, camping hiking etc. she isn't but she told me she had no problem with that, we both liked going to he movies an doing the same things and we did communicate as we said that the most important thing in a realtionship, she even said that she always knew she'd find a guy like me one day and oh I'm a keeper to her, so I don't know. The only thing I can think of that she would say were not compatible is she would dress up for everything we did, heels and all and I'm kind of a casual dresser t-shirt jeans and chucks, any other info needed?

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    • You mentioned you two having the same religious views.

      Does this religion require you to date within your religion or can you go outside of it?

      I'm just curious.

      I'm Catholic, so, most of the women in my family and friends are pretty flexible, but, that is just us.

      If there was truly good communication, you two would still be together. I get the sense and maybe I am wrong but you're kind of lost here because she made the "executive decision", not so much you, from your POV.

    • yes thats what has me confused most is the contradictory ending. one think I probably have to learn more is actions being louder than words. no religion didn't have that big a factor it was just something we both had in common. both being catholic. yea I am lost cause it came out of the blue and just a few days after we had an awesome night where I made her dinner and watched movies and got a little intimate and she expressed her feelings that I mention before about what a catch I am and so on

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  • Mutual attraction, mutual interests and beliefs and how well two people work and resolve issues as a couple.


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  • Unconquerable, undeniable faith.


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