Should I stay with him or nah?

Me and lets Say Paul were going out for a few months and it was good! but then I went home to visit my family and we barely talked and I came back and my friends told me how he has been cheating on me and I confronted him twice. he denied everything and says the only thing that has happened is when he went to Osaka japan with his friends he danced with a chick and that was last week

now this week he was leaving to go home and the night before he left he came to talk to me and confessed while I was gone he took another chick to lunch and when I got back that first week he took another chick out to lunch and called our friends for a hotel he could take her too...

he said he didn't go through with it tho..

he said he was tempted to do it because he hasn't had sex in a while and he loved it and im waiting for marriage so I won't do anything with him..

he said while we have been together he has not done anything physical with any other female.
should I believe him and forgive him?

I told him even if we did start dating again he would have rules and stuff to get me to trust him again but is it worth it?
im so confused and I don't know what to do
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What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly, he doesn't sound like he is all that into you. Not the way you want him to be. If you are looking for relationship just to be with someone, sure, stay and see where it goes. If you are looking for something serious and someone to settle with, this doesn't sound like the guy to do that with. Don't miss out on guys that will give you 100%.


What Girls Said 1

  • He almost cheated on you, and seems like he won't be able to handle it. I mean if you are waiting for marriage it is going to be hard to find a guy that can handle that, but don't settle. This guy doesn't seem like the type that can handle waiting. I say find someone who can wait, and you will be happier in the end.


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