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okay so im moving states by the end of this month with my mom to go to college and relocate with her as she moves to a new company. she was looking for apartments online tonight and i went in her room to see how it was coming along and asked her for specific details on the move as i have to leave two jobs and leave everything i know just to accomadate her move... not that i dont want to leave this state but i wanted to know. anyways she got very rude and unfriendly and i kinda just kept trying to talk to her about the move and even tried to help her search but she was acting like a nervous wreck... anyways her boyfriend adn his friend come over because he's moving in to our old place and then eventually relocating with us which is okay but she started making comments about being stressed and moving with a teenager and putting up with her attitude... which i though i was being very nice and trying to help her Nd understand. she basically started acting moody being nice one sec and then flipping out telling me to clean the house the next and i really dont think themhouse is that messy but i did a little bit. then i left to go eat dinner. at this point i just called an acquaintence to talk but anyways she started to accuse me of overcommunicating? i was just trying to figure out when i should put in my two weeks at my job... than she started threating me and saying im going to be homeless if i keep thismup and i was like completely calm but she was going crazy i kinda left her alone. than a little bit ago i went to check in on her and she flipped and started going crazy saying im making things so much harder on her and she's going to kill herself and she accidentally hit me not on purpose... i called crisis because i felt unsafe and she started being whackedmout on the phone saying i was begging for attention and rebeling and driving her crazy butnshe does that to herself... like wth? we just made up but what did i do homestly my intention was to help idec
? i dont believe there is such thing as overcommunication i think she is just stressed because of the move and can't see that im trying to help her organize etc and help push the process along. she doesn't listen though so its difficult


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  • I would try and stay out of the way, and if she continues to act like this get help. Just because your moving, doesn't give her an excuse to do this. It isn't normal and it isn't healthy for you.

    • i agreee im all good im just trying to heed all of the advice im recieving from my brother and also the crisis helpline. i may not even move with her to be honest... i kinda enjoy living here and i enjoy my job plus i live very close to asu and can just start college there. thank you so much yeah she's whackd yo

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    • thank you so much for the kind answer :) if i need a sane answer ill reach out definitely!

    • No problem :)

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