What is the best way to get my ex to stop playing mind games and pulling on my heart strings?

My ex ended our relationship 3 months ago the break up was very sudden basically over night he decided he can't commit to me, I believed he was depressed and under so much stress that it was easier to end our relationship then to continue and feel like the relationship was an extra pressure on him due to having limited time etc.
Since breaking it off he would contact me and open up emotionally to me telling me what has been stressing him out and where his head is at etc we have also ended hooked up a few times i know it was not smart to have hooked up with him but everytime we did it was after he had emotionally opened up to me and we had discussed future plans etc.
I then end out doing the walk of shame where I don't hear from him for a few days but he always has an excuse and always apologises.
At first my ex would religiously contact me and want to talk to me etc but as I am finding he is becoming more and more depressed especially over the last 3 weeks something has changed. On Valentine's day he contacted me and ask to see me then half an hour later he says give him an hour as something come up but then doesn't contact me back. We ended out talking in depth the next day and he explained what happened there was an emergency.
A few days later he contacts me again and we are talking then suddenly he has to go again and says will talk when he gets back, again nothing... This happens approx 3 more times when I finally decide to contact him and ask him if he wanted to do something over the weekend I get the response yeah sounds good but have to work but will let me know that was on a Monday on the Friday I contacted him again and asked him to let me know either way and he saw the message and doesn't reply which I assumed he would on the weekend but the weekend comes and goes and not a word.
Why is he pulling me in close when it suits him and then ignores me when it doesn't. What can I do to stop this from occurring I do love him as we do have a son together


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  • I'm sorry but it sounds like he is playing you. Maybe don't be so available to him. If he loves you he needs to commit to you for you to be happy. If he cannot than you should move on and find someone who will. You deserve to be treated better than this.

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  • Cut him out of your life completely.

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