Will my ex forgive me?

My ex broke up with me a couple of months ago as he wasn't able to commit to me. We agreed to do no contact and meet up to see where we were a few weeks later. I didn't hear from him, I got in touch twice to see how he was doing and he did respond to one message.
As it was close to Christmas when we split he had a gift from me which was a weekend away for us both. I said he could keep it but as the weeks passed I assumed he didn't want to go so I cancelled and didn't tell him as he was basically ignoring me. Turns out he went on the trip and blocked me so I can't even really apologise. I have sent the money for the trip and an apology letter to his house, what else can I do?


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  • You did absolutely nothing wrong, don't feel down about yourself..
    Maybe keep your options open, look for someone who appreciates your time. and you definitely do not owe him any money


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  • Is this a serious question? I don't want to sound rude, but you seem really retarded. You did NOTHING wrong, so why do you feel bad? He used you and is taking the Michael out of you! He went on this trip that was meant for BOTH OF YOU, and DIDN'T EVEN TELL YOU! How rude and disrespectful is that? He also BLOCKED YOU! Why would you give him the money for a trip you didn't even go on, that HE went on anyway? Like, nothing here even makes sense! You need to stop feeling sorry for that horrible man and lift your head up and forget about him.
    He ignores you, disrespects you and treats you badly. Forget him. Move on.


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  • He's your ex. Why do you care anyway?


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  • He didn't get in touch, you didn't do anything wrong


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