Gagers my questions are being ignored I need u the most please?

guys i really lost my grip on reality , that girl who was my online gf for 3 years had me leaving her when her life got better (she traveled to the US) she started to ignore me treat me like shit although i loved her
now that she came back to her place she sent me a message since two months which i just found on my Facebook it was listed in "others"
she says" its been a long time and i miss u.. wishing u a new year "
what do u think my reaction should be , ignoring? getting her back and use her for sex because i literally can do it what am i saying, im really lost i hater her i hate her, i moved on and had my new life i met girls who respect me and love me , im not a douche bag anymore , but she insists on being a bitch
what can i do?
PLUS she is too scared to be ignored, she sent me a message from a new Facebook , her 3rd Facebook account!!!


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  • Just move on from her.

    • totally did , but i had that attitude of wanting to revenge i ended up skipping her

    • The best revenge is to ignore her all together

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  • I say you tell her to FucK OFF cause she never loved you... just used you and when her life got better she treated you like shit... and niw that she is back in her place she wants a pillow to hug and cry on...
    Show her that you are not that pillow anymore.. And that she stays the fuck away from your life and that she is just a piece of shit that uses other guys for her own comfort...

    Seriously i have met and dropped girls like that before... its so much better now..


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  • If you go to her you will regret you're not her toy send her kiss my ass I tottaly moved on

    Plus you have your New life she may effect your new life in negative way move on forget about her she s user

    • i ignored her text and also deleted her from all social media accounts

  • I'm ignoring this.

    • i appreciate how bored u are.
      just leave it from there , someone with ur attitude wouldn't help anyway

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