My ex is back and I wanna know if I should let him in?

We met in September 2013 in my final year of uni and he was a year behind me. We had a real connection but nothing happend.
i decided to go back to uni for pst grad and we started spending everyday together. It was blissful. He hadn't dated anyone in like 2 years and knew that I liked him but did nothing about it until September 2014... It was amazing.

I finished school n he had to go another year and my hometown is 4 hours away from his and 5 hours from the school. So in December when we were at our respective homes he dumped me. And never looked back.

I called him yesterday to get final closure to close the chapter and he told me he regrets his decision. I live an hour away from him now.
I feel like he has had so many opportunities to speak up so why now?

should I give him another shot


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  • I wouldn't. It seems that if he really wanted you, he would have contacted you before you did and would have made some effort.

  • My advice is NO, especially that he dumped you for no reason. If you let an ex in another time the same story will happen again-most probably. How long did it take him to regret?

    • Its been 3 months since the break up

      I've moved from my home town for work. He says at the time of the break up he just had that conviction and yes maybe he used the distance as an excuse. Says he regretted it then n regrets it now still.

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    • then accept him but make him regret more, i. e. don't welcome him too warmly-make him understand that what he did hurt you.

      From my experience if a guy knows you love him and you care for him, he takes you for granted.

      I wish you good luck.

    • and always have a 'but' in your brain: I love him but if acts like a jerk I'll kick him out. It works if you train your mind like this in order to minimize damage

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