Help me how to tell him?

I have this huge crush on this guy, but sadly when he confess to me last year that he "loves me" I couldn't respond to his co cession because my parents didn't approve of him cuz he wasn't Hispanic. Time has pass and I continue to have feelings for him (I still do) but is time for me to stop waiting for something to happened. I realize what I had with him are the most beautiful memories I will ever hold. But time has pass and even tho I care for him deeply, and still like him is time for me to turn the page and be realistic. I still want to tell him that I loved him but couldn't respond to his confession but now is time for me to turn the page. I never liked anyone before so I have no idea how to tell him. All I know is that I need closure so I can start a new beggining. I don't want to hurt him I just want to move on and wish he is happy with whoever he chooses to be with :)


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  • Just did that... after i told him he accepted it normally, just said he regrets me not telling him sooner. But he accepted my feelings. Just tell him hiw u wrote it hear.

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    • Can I mssg u? I just know I want to tell him but I don't know if I'm ready. I just want to know how it was for u

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