I found out my ex might propose to another girl.. why does it still hurt so badly?

We were together for 1.5 years & broke up 10 months ago.. I thought I was totally recovered by now. However a mutual friend just told me he started dating 1 of her friends literally right after we broke up, and that he's thinking of proposing to her sometime in the near future. When I heard this I went to the bathroom & cried.. I was so shocked at myself b/c I thought i was over the breakup.

I couldn't help thinking of the last things he told me (I was job hunting at the time). He said stuff like he couldn't ever marry me b/c since it was taking me so long to find a full-time job that meant "I would never make a capable wife who could financially support the family." He also said I had too many health problems including insomnia (I did have quite a few problems last year, but that's out of my control!). I just keep beating myself up by comparing myself to this new girl, and wondering how he could've moved on so fast when it took me so long to recover. I've been a teary wreck (doesn't help i'm still single) & my family thinks I'm going crazy. Is it normal to hurt so badly about this news?


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  • after 10 months he thinks marriage is a good option?

    • I don't know for sure if he will propose, but I heard things were getting "serious".. plus he's 31 years old so I'd imagine marriage is on his mind

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  • Who broke up with who and why?

    You're devastated because deep down, you were not over him and hearing that he will be building his life around another woman forces you to confront the fact that he's over you. I'm sorry girl : ( I know this hurts

    • Just remember that marriage tends to be a b*tch : ) After the wedding, honeymoon, and first 6 months (if they're lucky) married couples may start to resent each other and their new, more predictable, more practical therefore less adventurous and impulsive lifestyles. Lets not forget the divorce rate! ;P Marriage doesn't equal happily ever after so don't go plaguing your mind with images of them living an amazing life together. They may end up on 'Snapped' for all you know! lol!

    • Freal most married couples don't even like each other most of the time after the first year

    • I know marriage doesn't always end happily.. I think part of me is mad he's found someone when he hurt me so badly, and I'm still single =D

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  • It's because you're hurt that he's moved on with someone new. It's possible that you could still have some feelings for him, but either way, you need to get back in the game and get over this guy.

    • I don't think it's that I still have feelings for him.. i feel more anger that he's found happiness when he hurt my self-confidence so badly (I know I'm a bad person haha)

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