Girls if u were this girl would u let me explain?

Ok I've known this girl just for 2 weeks we were great & good we just went out on adate twice but here's what happened her mother is arabian anyway they just wanted to me to propose as the traditions but I didn't knew her well that time so I refused & my family refused too & her family they've rejected me & she's not talkin to me anymore cuz I messaged her that maybe it's not meant to be so good luck in life... actually she were great & nice & treating me great not like the other girls I realised that after we broke up cuz of her family & im planing to explain what happened to her I really thinks that she's my other half & i will do anything just to be with her & i will propose if she accept... but my friend is going to help me with that cuz she blocked me on phone & whatsaap... so girls please let me know if u would to let someone explain his fault to u?
About my message to her... I've sent it fast & I've never knew what I'm say'n cuz they were rushing me to do something is too early to do...


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  • It doesn't matter how perfect you feel you'd be together, it's absolutely insane to marry a woman you've known for 2 weeks. There's a huge number of things that could become problems later down the road. The reason we date for long periods of time before marriage is to see what issues arise and see how we manage them together. You have no way of knowing that things will end up fine with this girl. You're infatuated not in love, you don't know her well enough to know if she's your other half.


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