Do you think my ex was trying to be mean?

My ex and I broke up and I stopped contacting him. March 4th he left a message on Facebook and I didn't know what to think about it. Below is what he wrote me on Facebook, also the photo I'm using here on GAG is the same picture I'm using on Facebook by the way. I guess what I'm asking is do you think he's trying to be funny or offensive? What do you think?

smh you are don't even hmu to let me
know how the baby is doing all I get is a
Mar 4 at 8:04pm · Sent from Web

you don't look happy in that picture
either like what is your problem I knew
once I let you go & free it was the
biggest mistake I'd made & fear but I'm
glad charlie or wayne makes you
complete & happy
Mar 4 at 8:06pm · Sent from Web

I see
Do you think I look unhappy like he says in the pic? I've been unhappy a little because of the breakup, but ok.


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  • Your picture looks like any other FB profile picture. That said, did you have a child with him? Reads across as if he is wanting an update on the baby and not just a picture (from the first comment). But then the "smh you are..." threw me off in that comment as well... like there is more words in there that are missing.


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  • He says he only get a pic of his son... does he even visit his damn son?


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