What is going on? What does he really mean. I'm just filled with dead hopeless dreams?

We dated for a year. Our relationship was literally perfect, we were able to connect in ways you can't even imagine, he had the same dreams and goals. We had a lot of adventures together, we were both crazy in love. Or I so I thought. Everything was good until he started lying, I forgave him once for keeping booty pics of this a girl from school , that his friend had showed him. Then I forgave him again for lying multiple times about who this girl was, he came up with a whole bunch of lies then confessed she was a girl he had started talking to, and claimed it was just as friends, and that he stopped talking to her because he felt "bad". Why would he feel bad if they were just friends, HA YEAH. I was stupid enough to take him back after lying again, and for trying to talk to another girl. I was so hurt because he had me? why did he have to go look for someone else to talk to. We got back together for another 2 months until one night while he was sleeping I went through his phone because i had the gut feeling there was something. I found conversations on fb of him asking girls for their kik and number since the beginning of our relationship. HE was the one who messed up and in the end he still ha the guts to tell me it was better to end it. He said he was no good for me and he didn't want me to get hurt anymore. I really wanted him to not let me go and tell me to stay and that he would try to change and do anything to save our relaionship but instead he chose to leave. I asked him why he couldnt change and he said it takes time to change and he didn't think it was fair to have me by his side if he couldnt guarantee me that he would become better. I know he loved me and I dont know why he's chosing to leave if in the past he begged me to stay. We've been broken up for a week and he posted on Twitter about missing me but he doesn't try to contact me at all. How is it so easy for him to move on. I gave him everything. I feel so dead and hurt.


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  • He sounds really messed up. Hmm he posted on Twitter about you. I dont believe you're gonna message him right? He played games under your nose and use crappy excuses.."it takes time to change"? really? He's gonna stay the same lol. At least if he doesn't really grow up. The only excuse that unintentionally turns out to be true is that he's not good for you. Who knows.. if he had progress with any of these girls he could even cheat on you. I know it hurts but do yourself a favor and stay away from this toxic boy..

  • Can you make a dogs tail straight? Boys started cheating will not even try to stop😶 its better to forget him😊 Sorry n don't mind me...


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