Don't feel comfortable speaking to him anymore what shall I do?

There's this gu in my class and I've known him since September last year but only started talking to him this January after talking for a week I had the courage to tell him I liked him since the start of the college year and he said he liked me too! We decided to have a to to see if it would work out and it went really well until 2 weeks ago when a incident happened on a bus with these girls who shouted abuse to me. He said it didn't affect him but he wasn't never right after it. The week after it happened he became distant with me and I received a text later in the week that he just wants to be friends. I agreed even though I wanted it to be more. But now I feel uncomfortable talking to him because I feel like I should message him that often but then I think if I don't he's going to think I don't want to know him anymore and I don't know what to do? !


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  • Right, he's a prick tbh.
    from what you say, he went off you because of some stupid bitchy girls?
    If he liked and respected you he would have stayed with you. If that's the reason he doesn't want a relationship, then tbh you're are lucky you're out of it.

    Just tell him how you feel. Ask him why. Tell him what you think about it all.

    you shouldn't feel uncomfortable if you both solve this situation.


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