What to response to those hateful words/criticism by my ex boyfriend towards me?

I found out that he was talking to my friends and venting out all his hatreds and bitterness against me. But my friends were not responding that much to him cause they don't want to interfere and go in between us. I know and accepted the fact that he hate me that much cause he has the right to but what I can't understand is how can he replaced all the love and feels that we once shared with his ego?


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  • That's none of your business. Stay away from the poor chap you manipulative parasite!


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  • that is normal, I mean he shouldn't be talking about you behind your back, that is just so wrong. anyways he is very hurt, maybe you broke his heart? because if he is feeling so much anger and so much hate and bitterness now, that mean he used to really really like you or even love you-
    was the breakup mutual?

    • Yeah he is really hurt but I was hurt too. Letting go of him was really painful. He said that if I was no longer happy, I should leave cause he only wish for my happiness. I know I hurt him so much but I feel like if I'll stay I will hurt him more. I just can't understand why is he doing this. One of my friends that he's been hanging out told me that he may using this method to show that he and my friends are hanging out and can gather infos about me

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  • What hatreds and bitterness he told about you?

    • Like I'm really a bad person that I don't have patience. I had my patience cause if I didn't I should have not understand him and his situation and left him immediately.

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    • I tried to contact him before but he doesn't want to so I back off already and let him be. That's why I thought that he doesn't want anything that connects with me but I was wrong. I know him well that I know how can hold so much grudge on someone. If hating me so much makes him happy, I'm okay with that cause I'm concern with his happiness. I guess I can't hate him back after what he told to my friends

    • I haven't met this girl face to face, but she was my exclasmate. I don't know but I don't trust her. She was the first girl who talked with me that way simple and easy. I don't know why that all messed up like always. How do you know he is the right guy?

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  • your response? two simple words: FUCK YOU

    • I expected that. It is called situations and broblems excalation. And you learn nothing from it, just cut off.

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