Is this okay to say when you have to break up, you were never official, and have gone on around 7 dates?

"I have thought about some things, and have come to the realization that i have missed company and closeness with somebody, but i'm not ready for a relationship. I'm very sorry that i only found out now. :("

Should i say it differently altogether, is it fine, or is there any improvements i could make? I mean, its not harsh, right?


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  • I might tone it down a bit that sounds a bit like kicking a bloke out of a plane without a parachute. Something along the lines of I am not ready for a relationship no need to say he was just a warm body.

    • But we met on a dating site, and that just seems to me that its something you do when you are ready for a relationship (stupid me), so i thought i should specify why more.. thank you. =)

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    • Yeah if he asks why I can't save him - Best of luck

    • Thank you so much!

  • It's okay to say.


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