Does he really want to be friends or doesn't he at all?

I broke up with my boyfriend nearly 2 weeks ago but not officially until this Tuesday yeah its a bit confusing but ever since we said to each other let's just be friends he's hardly spoke to me and I'm thinking to myself does he even want to know me anymore. The hardest part is that he's in the same college course and class as me so I see him mostly everyday. I feel really clingy when I text him first as I still like to text/talk to him but it seems like he doesn't really want to reply what shall I do I still love him but he doesn't want to have a relationship with me.


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  • you move on. He is not interested, or he would do something about it. So you move on. However it is odd that you broke up with him and now you are unhappy he still doesn't want to be friends. What did you expect might happen when you broke up with him?

    • Well I thought he would still speak as he said he would do he said to me that he didn't want to lose me as a friend but I think it's time I left him alone but then I think he'll get mad as I told him I'll still speak to him and he said the same thing

    • He isn't speaking to you. So he may have said one thing, but he is doing another. If you want him back, tell him that... but if you just want to be friends, then back off. It doesn't feel he wants the same from you.

  • When I broke up with a girl I was dating she said this to me and acted the same way. He moved on


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