Could my ex boyfriend miss me or does he just wants to make me jealous?

My exboyfriend and I broken up not too long ago. He called me this morning asking how I've been doing and what I've been up to. Next thing I know he starts talking about his girlfriend and I told him to stop and he said i was being jealous. I told him no i dont i just dont want to hear about her. Why would he call just to talk about her? I dont understand.


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  • To grind your gears. Because he knows you don't want to hear about her. He's trying to hurt you. Just ignore him. He's acting like a child.

    • Well it worked lol. Could that mean he still miss me also?

    • Not likely. If he's trying to piss you off. It's not so that you will get back together or become friends.

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  • He just wanted to see if u still have feelings for him and he got what he wanted.


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  • He either has no tact/social awareness or he is trying to make you jealous.

    • Why would he want to make me jealous if he is so called "in love" with the girl? Or could she just be a rebound?

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    • And what good will that bring him? Other than me being sad that broke up. Its stupid i wish he wouldn't act like that.

    • Seeing suffering makes him feel joy. Why does ANYONE want revenge? Because it makes them feel good.

  • i wonder if his new gf is even real , do you even ever meet her? he can make that up :D

    • She's real, he stay hanging out with her and I've seen them two around.

    • i still believe it is not that easy to get over an ex , well , at least it happened to me, even after few years..

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