I deleted my exgirlfriend pics of instagram did I made a mistake?

its been 2 months after my exgirlfriend asked me for space and time (which i know why she asked for space and time she was hiding something from me she slept with her phone under the pillow something she never did and she was acting distant towards me ) she said that she dint want to lose me completely that she wanted to be friends which i know is bs and that it wasn't another person which i think is bs after me giving her time and space and seeing the way she was acting and really not caring about anything i decide to delete our pics together because i don't think is fair for me to wait for someone that is doing her own thing , i guess she saw that i deleted the pics and she deleted all the pics too and she blocked me on instagram now i feel that i did something wrong any suggestions or opinions? thanks :)


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  • That is not a mistake its something you are supposed to do when you break up with an ex. Delete everything that reminds you of them. you were right to delete pics of her. It helps move on as well. Don't feel bad about it, you did the right thing.


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  • Nope, you should have already done it.


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  • No you didn't. Forget about that bitch!


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